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last Christmas family photo w: Karl Dec. 2008

My passion is life insurance or pay your final bills without a gofundme campaign and leave a legacy insurance.

I understand the importance of a life insurance more than most people because I was widowed at the age of 36.  Karl and I had been dating and then married for 17 years.  We have 2 kids, then aged 6 and 11.  He was fairly healthy and wasn’t having any medical issues.  We didn’t know that his heart health was as bad as it was.  He died of an unexpected heart attack in our home in Cottage Grove in 2009.   My kids and I weren’t home.  A neighbor boy found him.

Karl & me in Chicago on set of Untouchables tv show in Summer 1993   Karl & me on day of college grad copy

Needless to say, I was shocked and lost ;(.  Karl had been the center of my world for 17 years or since I was 20 years old.

life insurance with red heart & words & hand holding heart graphic

After we were told about Karl dying, 1 of my son’s first questions was whether we would still live in our house.  I said that we would because I had bought life insurance on Daddy, so we will have money to pay the mortage.  He was so relieved!

Karl's memorial in living room

End of life expenses cost a lot!  I didn’t plan an extravagant funeral, burial, & celebration of Karl’s life and received help with the food from church members.  However, they still cost approximately $10,000 in 2009.


When I chose the life insurance policy death benefit, I didn’t factor in nearly enough things.  I chose a benefit level that covered only the cost of our house’s mortgage.

The Kids & me first Christmas w:o Karl 2009

My kids were very negatively emotionally affected by Karl’s death.  As a result, they have needed a lot of my time and effort, which means that I’ve been working significantly less than I would’ve been had Karl been in our lives.  If I had bought a life insurance policy with a higher death benefit for Karl, then I would’ve been able to hire a nanny to help me raise our kids.

In addition, since I no longer have access to Karl’s income, I’m paying for everything and retiring alone.  This includes if I were to become disabled.  I hadn’t factored these things in, either.

senior couple lfe insur or retirement graphic

I hadn’t planned my finances well enough because I thought that Karl and I would grow old together and, therefore, could rely on each other.  Please don’t make the same mistake that I did.  Please contact me and I’ll make a great financial plan for you (and your significant other), starting with life insurance.  Please contact Foresight Insurance Services in 1 of the following ways:




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