Entertainment Insurances

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I’d like to reduce financial risk for musicians and other entertainers by providing them with the best entertainment liability insurance that they can afford since they significantly improve the quality of my life.  I attend music shows at least biweekly.


Earth, Wind, and Fire concert in St. Paul in 2016

I can set you up with entertainment liability insurance for your performances.


I can also set you up with entertainment liability insurance for your musical instruments and other equipment.  This is me pretending to be an instrumentalist in 2011.



I’d like to help event planners, including wedding planners or couples who are planning their own wedding, reduce their financial liability with event liability insurance.  1 of the most important days of your life is your wedding.  I can reduce your stress by ensuring that most of the things that should happen to make your wedding day a great day do happen.  I offer other types of event insurance, as well.

I shop around to find you the best coverage for the lowest price.

Please contact me and I’ll help protect you from liability, which could lead to you being sued and losing some or all of your assets.  Please contact Foresight Insurance Services in 1 of the following ways:


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