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 Christie senior high school

I was born in St. Paul, MN and lived with my biological father and mother. I moved to Groton, CT at age 6 when my mother remarried a Navy electronics technician who became my adoptive father. He worked on submarines, so we later moved to Satellite Beach, FL, Hampton, VA, and back to Groton, CT Area.  I graduated from Montville High School in Oakdale, CT.  This is my senior photo.  


Karl & me on day of college grad copy

I earned my B.A. in political science public service with a legal studies minor at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. I went to college in Minnesota because all of my family members live here. I graduated cum laude and received a good review from my internship at the MN Senate.  In this photo, I’m at my family’s graduation party at my parents’ house in a St. Paul suburb with my then-fiancee Karl Thompson.


last Christmas family photo w: Karl Dec. 2008
I married my late-husband Karl.  We had 2 children.  We bought and sold 4 houses in the Twin Cities, with the last being in Cottage Grove.  We worked.  We attended church.   I started Hamline University’s paralegal program.  I was earning a 3.9 g.p.a., substitute teaching part-time, and had networked into many T. C. law firms.  We didn’t get enough sleep.  We were living the American Dream. 😉


Karl died unexpectedly of a heart attack in September 2009.  It was devastating in every possible way.  Personally, I lost the center of my life.  We had been together for 17 years, with many more good days than bad.  Professionally, my career path was and continues to be negatively impacted by being the only parent to 2 children who have been grieving the loss of their dad ever since.


The Kids & me first Christmas w:o Karl 2009

3 months later, I completed Hamline’s paralegal program suma cum laude.  I’ve been an independent family law paralegal as ChristieLegal since 2012.  I used to work under 2 attorneys.  Now, I work for people whom have less complex custody, divorce, child support, and grandparent visitation rights cases and want to decrease the amount of conflict and expense that these legal cases can create.

wealth word & piles of money wealth accumulation stock photo
I began to sell life and disability insurance and wealth accumulation and retirement planning tools as Foresight Insurance Services in 2016 because I wanted to help people plan for their financial future better than I had before I was widowed.  I realized that I hadn’t financially planned well enough since I bought life insurance policies for us that have an inadequate death benefit to help me financially for the rest of my life and I might never remarry and, therefore, be able to share expenses with another person.  In addition, I hadn’t planned for retirement at all.  Then, I realized that most of the people whom I knew had planned as poorly as or worse than I had for their financial future.  Most people didn’t even have life insurance! 😦


me w younger members E, W, & F marketing mat

I began to sell entertainment and other event insurance because I know a good number of local musicians since I frequently go to local live music shows.  In this photo, I’m with the then newest members of Earth, Wind, and Fire when they visited the Minnesota Music Cafe in St. Paul in Spring 2012.


                              Belle with big ears in July 2013              Beau on deck table May 2015

My kids finally broke me down and we bought our dogs – Belle, a papillion, in 2013, and, then, Beau, a black labrador retriever mix, in 2014.  By the way, Beau knows diddley. 😉


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